Dr Nicholas Simpson

Care specialist



Nick is an Intensive Care specialist at UHG. He grew up in Bairnsdale and moved to Melbourne to study medicine at The University of Melbourne. Having completed a fellowship in Emergency Medicine, Nick completed further training in aeromedical retrieval in Glasgow and medical simulation in Perth. After completing his intensive care fellowship Nick returned to Geelong.


He currently works as an Intensivist and Medical Director of the simulation centre at the Geelong Clinical School (Deakin University). Nick’s interests include medical education, human factors, and outcomes research.

Clinical Lead iValidate

This innovative communication program has trained doctors and nurses to comfortably approach what have been traditionally difficult conversations around end-of-life care.

The i-Validate program provides a structure that was developed by experts in communications, ethics, end-of-life care and clinical leaders from Barwon Health and Deakin University.

By participating in this course, doctors, nurses and allied health professionals will obtain the necessary communication skills to determine a patient’s goals, values and preferences, provide medical advice and ultimately help decision making regarding appropriate medical care.  Sharing decisions between patients, family and health professionals leads to patient-centred care rather than the more traditional care directed toward disease focussed outcomes.

Initial data has shown that i-Validate leads to significant improvements in patient-centred care,  while not affecting access to critical care or outcomes in quality and longevity of life.

Going forward i-Validate will continue to train doctors and nurses to create a broader base of expert communicators. When combined with the system to encourage shared decision-making, we believe we will continue to change the culture, and improve medical communication all around.