Workplace culture


ICU Culture Program

In 2019 the UHG ICU was an active partner in the “Be the Heart” program pilot, the Barwon Health culture change program co-designed with Nous. Early evaluation results demonstrated;

1. Staff engagement: 24 leaders, 165 staff, participated in 554 hours of training over 16-weeks.

2. Increased awareness and shift towards a positive workplace culture.

3. “Primed” the ICU for engagement in ongoing team and culture work. 


ICU is now looking to further embed the culture change and continue the partnership with Nous. This includes;

· Develop leadership skills of ICU senior leaders through 360 assessment, 1:1 coaching session and facilitated leadership group discussions. 

· Diagnose the critical cultural challenges and create a shared view of the desired culture within ICU.

· Develop plan designed around the Moments that Matter and entire ICU staff.